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December 2014 Trip to India

India children smiling mission missions trip Love and Hope Ministries
Dear Partners/friends,

This is an exciting time for Love and Hope Ministries as we are praying and preparing for our next mission trip to India in December.

We are planning to give 250 outfits to pastors, the children, widows, the elderly and HIV/AIDS victims. We will be conducting a Pastors’ seminar, Gospel meetings in Eluru, and various Indian villages. In addition, we will bless pastors, Love and Hope school teachers and children’s home staff with Christmas bonus. We will also host a Christmas dinner for the children of Love and Hope Children’s home and the staff of Love and Hope School.

We are in need of at least $10,000. We need your financial help to make this trip a reality. You may make a donation online via PayPal:

100 Indian Saris and blankets for widows and the elderly= $15 per sari and blanket
50 Indian outfits and blankets for widowers and the elderly men= $15 per sari and blanket
40 Indian outfits and blankets for HIV/AIDS victims = $15 per outfit and blanket
30 Indian outfits and blankets for children and pastors =$15 per outfit and blanket
30 Indian outfits for Pastors = $15 per outfit (pant and shirt) = $15 per outfit
5 Bicycles for Pastors =$100 per bike
Pastor’s Seminar = $500
Monetary gifts for Pastors = $700
Gospel meetings in Eluru = $1,000
5 Gospel meetings in various villages: $300 per meeting
Christmas dinner for Children home and Love and Hope School Staff: $500
Monetary Gifts for Love and Hope School teacher, Children home staff: $750
Groceries for HIV/AIDS victims: $750

All donations are tax-deductible. Thank you once again for your partnership in God’s harvest.

Jabez and Gloria Rapaka
Your Missionaries to India and Haiti