March Ministry Update

Dear partners and friends,

Greetings to you from Love and Hope Ministries!
We wish you and your families a blessed and prosperous New Year! We had wonderful trips to Haiti in August and to India in December, 2015. We took more than 600 pounds of clothes, shoes, and other items to bless the people of Haiti. We also blessed the Haitian pastors, their wives, and Love and Hope Bible school teachers with monetary gifts. We also purchased food items for the food bank for widows.

In India, we bought 250 outfits to bless pastors, pastors’ wives, widows, the elderly, HIV/AIDS victims and the kids in the Children’s home. We also blessed HIV/AIDS victims with rice and other food items. IMG_6316 We visited four different villages and preached the Gospel. The team conducted Gospel meetings in Jabez’s hometown, where 5 people accepted Christ. IMG_6378This year, a pastors’ conference was held for the pastors and their wives. As customary, we hosted a Christmas banquet for the children’s home and Love and Hope School staff. God has blessed Love and Hope School with a computer lab with four brand new computers. Jabez and the team encountered some opposition during this trip but by God’s grace the issues were resolved


In March, 2016, Love and Hope Ministries will be celebrating another mile stone in its history, i.e., its 12th year anniversary. Additionally, there is a major change in our lives in 2016. We are going to be involved in full-time missions work. We are planning to double the mission’s trips this year. Here after we are planning four trips; two trips to India and two trips to Haiti. We are also embarking on a building project in India. We are planning to build a two story building. The first floor will house the children’s home, while the second floor will be used for Love and Hope Global Impact Church. In addition, we are trusting God for a piece of land for Love and Hope Ministries in Haiti. Please believe God with us for our family needs as well as our ministry needs in 2016.

We sincerely thank you for your faithfulness and loving support to Love and Hope Ministries and the Rapakas for the past 12 years. Please continue to partner with us and support us with your prayers and finances so that we can continue the work which God has called us to do.

Dr. Jabez and Gloria Rapaka
Your Missionaries to India & Haiti