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Report On Haiti/Upcoming Trips

Dear friends/supporters.

The Rapaka Family along with the Team had a successful and powerful Missions Trip to Haiti from August 16-26. Altogether, more than 20 suitcases, with about 1,000 pounds worth of clothes, shoes, candy, and supplies were able to be given out to Haitian people in the community.

We participated in the annual Convocation where more than 27 Churches gather together for a week of services and celebration. We were able to give money to about 30 Pastors and also their Wives, who receive no salary and serve the Lord and the people of Haiti no matter the sacrifice.

The Pastors and their Wives also received clothes and toiletries. We set up a make-shift clothing shop in the orphanage, where we gave out more than 700 pieces of clothing to over 200 people from the congregations, who were greatly appreciative.

We blessed the poor children with uniforms and textbooks for this academic year. The team was also able to host a two-day camp on purity for the youth and young adults. About 200 youth came and were well fed during the camp.

Thank you for partnering with Love and Hope to expand the Kingdom of God on earth.

Jabez and Gloria Rapaka
Your Global Missionaries to Haiti and India