Mission Trips

Perhaps you are interested in participating in a trip either to India or Haiti. There are a few things to consider before beginning the initial steps that will take you on the journey of a lifetime. Provided below are links to our guide to short term ministry trips. Please read the packet in its entirety before contacting the ministry with questions. Most of your questions should be answered there.

Mission Trip Guide in PDF Format

Mission Trip Guide in MS Word (DOC) Format

(From the Introduction)

Jesus told His disciples to take the Gospel to the world. The Church does that through the preaching and teaching of the Word of God, and through practical means like distributing clothing, and providing a place to sleep in His Name. We are to minister to the spiritual and physical needs of our fellow man. People cannot see the love of Christ until it is demonstrated through practical means through His people. Whether you are able to minister the Word of God to the lost or even pastors, or you distribute clothing to widows and toothbrushes to orphans, you are a tangible representative of our Lord and Savior. You will represent Him through your words, your actions, and your reactions.

With the eternal and spiritual responsibilities and rewards in mind, we cannot and must not romanticize the notion of missions. While our hearts may burst within us with Christ’s compassion for hurting humanity, there is something that we must keep in the forefront of our minds. We are not taking a leisurely vacation to a luxury island.

We are stepping onto third-world soil. We are jumping across the oceans and landing in less than favorable conditions. On these trips, YOU WILL NOT BE COMFORTABLE. The language is different, the climate is different, the food is different and may not be appealing to our American palate. The customs are different, the people are different, and even the way the churches and Christians worship are different. Be prepared to be stretched physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

With these things in mind, let nothing deter you from obedience to the call of the Spirit. Whatever challenge you face can be met by the One who has faced it all before you. Christ emptied Himself of all of His heavenly rights and privileges. You will have to lay aside every “American right” in order to herald the message of the Kingdom. Do not expect to be treated like royalty just because you are from America. Christ came from the culture of the Throne room, to the ancient Near Eastern sea-side. You will have to step from the rich soil of America where everything comes to you in a split-second and every environmental stimuli is pleasing to your senses, to foreign soil where things will probably NOT go the way you planned, will take very much longer than expected, and to a land where your eyes, ears, nostrils, and taste buds will be assaulted on a constant basis. America is VERY comfortable, and we take just about everything for granted. India and Haiti are VERY uncomfortable, and you will be very thankful for the blessings God has granted when you arrive home. But please keep in mind; the natives of these countries endure these conditions all the time! In spite of all this, you will have the joy of putting a smile on the faces of many children. In addition, you will also participate in the unspeakable joy of the unsaved who will accept Christ as their personal savior and will be baptized in water. You will have a chance to go to villages to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ and at the same time you will enjoy beautiful scenery and picturesque of villages and village life. Regardless of what may come to you as uncomfortable, you can overcome it through the grace of God, and by tightly holding the hand of the One who knows what you are enduring. Rely on Christ, and all of Heaven’s help and resources are yours.