Report On Haiti/Upcoming Trips

Dear friends/supporters.

The Rapaka Family along with the Team had a successful and powerful Missions Trip to Haiti from August 16-26. Altogether, more than 20 suitcases, with about 1,000 pounds worth of clothes, shoes, candy, and supplies were able to be given out to Haitian people in the community.

We participated in the annual Convocation where more than 27 Churches gather together for a week of services and celebration. We were able to give money to about 30 Pastors and also their Wives, who receive no salary and serve the Lord and the people of Haiti no matter the sacrifice.

The Pastors and their Wives also received clothes and toiletries. We set up a make-shift clothing shop in the orphanage, where we gave out more than 700 pieces of clothing to over 200 people from the congregations, who were greatly appreciative.

We blessed the poor children with uniforms and textbooks for this academic year. The team was also able to host a two-day camp on purity for the youth and young adults. About 200 youth came and were well fed during the camp.

Thank you for partnering with Love and Hope to expand the Kingdom of God on earth.

Jabez and Gloria Rapaka
Your Global Missionaries to Haiti and India

2015 Missions Trip to Haiti

Haiti Haitian children kids camp love and hope ministries mission missions trio

2013 Mission Trip Kids’ Camp

Dear friends/partners

Greetings to you from Love and Hope Ministries!

We are taking a team to Haiti from August 13 thru 21. We are excited about what God is going to do with us this year. This year we are planning to do 2 children camps in two different villages in Haiti. We are anticipating approximately 800-1000 kids. We are going to feed them at least two meals and show the “Jesus” film and schedule some fun activities for them.

In addition, we are going to minister to pastors and their wives during the trip. We are going to bless them with monetary gifts and also other gifts. We are going to provide school uniform and textbooks (in French) to 50 Haitian children in Carrefour.

We need to raise at least $9,000 for this trip including travel expenses. Please prayerfully consider donating for this trip and make this year’s trip a successful one as you have been doing for the last 11 years. All donations are tax-deductible. Your investment in the Kingdom of God is not going to be in vain. Thanks


Your Missionaries to Haiti and India

Jabez and Gloria Rapaka

Upcoming Haiti Missions Trip in August 2014

Dear friends and partners,

Greetings from Love and Hope Ministries!

We are praying, planning and preparing for our next mission trip to Haiti in August. We will be doing a major outreach to the Haitian young men in the capital city. Our goal is to reach at least 1,000 young men in Carrefour and its neighborhood with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are raising funds to feed these young men and also to facilitate our regular projects, i.e., to help the Haitian pastors and their wives with monetary gifts and also to provide textbooks, notebooks, and school uniform for the poor children in the community.

The entire trip will cost at least $10,000 dollars including our tickets. Please, prayerfully consider sending a monetary gift to Love and Hope Ministries. All donations are tax-deductible. Thank you for your partnership with us in furthering the Kingdom of God.

Pray, pray and pray so that Jesus’ name will be lifted up and He will draw these men unto Him.

Jabez and Gloria Rapaka
Your Missionaries to India and Haiti

Haiti Mission Trip 2013 Highlights

Dear friends/partners,

Gloria and I had a successful mission’s trip to Haiti from August 13-21. Our greatest desire was to encourage the believers during the Holy Convocation and preach the gospel to the children of Haiti. The Lord blessed us with a great time of fellowship with the pastors where we encouraged them to continue to preach the gospel in good and bad times and to remain faithful to the call God placed on their lives. We presented each one of the 30 pastors with a monetary gift and a nice shirt. Since these leaders don’t receive a salary from their churches throughout the year, they were very grateful.

The pastor’s wives were surprised and thrilled when they came to their meeting and the table was set with Haitian delicacies and American desserts. We also blessed them with cash, fabrics, and a beautiful nightgown. Jabez shared the word of God as Gloria translated on the last day of the Convocation where 1,000 believers including 30 churches and their pastors, were reminded to watch their walk, actions, tongues, character and hearts.

Our desire to evangelize the children in Haiti became a reality one more time when about 600 children showed up in Leogane for a day of fun, food, fellowship and most of all the preaching of the gospel. Many children raised their hands and prayed for the first time to receive Christ in their hearts.

We also provided school uniform, textbooks and school supplies for approximately 60 poor children in Carrefour.
We really appreciate your love and support to Love and Hope ministries. As you pray, support and send us to Haiti and India as your missionaries, you will also receive your blessings from the Lord here on this earth and your eternal reward hereafter in Heaven.

Let’s continue to preach the Gospel and reach the lost so that we can fulfill the Great Commission.

Your Missionaries to India and Haiti
Dr. Jabez and Mrs. Gloria Rapaka

Pictures from our Haiti trip (click thumbnails to open slideshow):

Haiti Missions Trip in August 2013

Missions Trip Haiti girl fenceDear friends/partners,

We are leaving for Haiti on a missions trip from August 13-21, 2013. We are going to bless poor children with books and uniforms, pastors and their wives with monetary gifts along with clothing.

In addition, we are going to have an outreach for children in a new location this year. Our goal is to reach more than 600 kids this year. We are going to feed the children who will attend the camp. Our desire is to reach the young children and plant a seed of the Gospel in their hearts at a very young age. We still need to raise approximately $7,000-8,000 for every thing we want to accomplish this year. Please help us expand the kingdom of God in Haiti.

Your missionaries to Haiti and India
Jabez and Gloria Rapaka

August Mission Trip to Haiti Update

From the Rapakas:

This year we were blessed to take a team of 4 people from a local church to Haiti from August 15-22. We went during the Holy convocation (Aug.16-19) where 30 pastors and some members of their congregation came together to learn and be equipped. On Thursday August 16, we shared with the pastors, children, men and women the word of God during the day and that night we had a powerful healing service where many testified of receiving instant healing. On Friday, we shared with different groups and also had a service where we taught on the subject of the baptism of the Holy Spirit and prayed for many to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. That night, the power of God moved in a special way in our midst and we had a hard time ending the meeting.

Friday afternoon we spent time encouraging, praying and also blessing each pastor with a package which contained items we collected in the US and a monetary gift. On Saturday, we did the same with the pastor’s wives.

During our time there we ministered to a lot of individuals and prayed for healing. On Tuesday Aug. 21, we went to a village in another part of Haiti called Leogane, and conducted an evangelistic meeting for almost 400 children. We had a time of singing, presenting the gospel and praying for the sick. We also fed them a meal and presented them with some gifts and a lot of candies that we took from the US.

While I (Gloria) was there the Lord renewed my passion to help the poor and preach the gospel. I came back with a great burden and a desire to accomplish more for God. One pressing need right now is to send a boy to school for the next year. His father is a drug addict and his mother is trying to make ends meet. He only needs $250 US dollars for the whole academic year that cover tuition, books and uniform. The first $150 is needed before the end of September because school starts in October. Please help us in any way you can.

Overall, we thank God for protecting us, and using us for his glory. Many people were blessed with healing, also were filled with the Holy Spirit. We also brought a lot of things (clothing, toiletries, school supplies, etc) that we gave away to the needy.

Would you prayerfully consider making a love gift to help cover the cost of schooling for the young school boy and other boys and girls with similar needs? You may give online here.

An Evening in Haiti

You are invited to an “Evening in Haiti” with a Complimentary Dinner of Spaghetti and Garlic Bread:

  • Special Live Music
  • Exciting Testimonies
  • Learn about the people of Haiti

Saturday, July 21, 2012 at 6:00pm

325 E Mercury Blvd
Hampton, VA 23663
(757) 876-6940

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Haiti Missions Trip in August

little boy Haiti missions
From Dr. Jabez:

Dear friends/partners,
Greetings to you from Love and Hope Ministires!
We are taking a team to Haiti from August 15 to 22 to bless children, pastors, and widows. We are going to conduct children camp in Leogane for 1 day. More than a thousand children are expected to attend. We are going to feed all of them. In the morning we will conduct the bible study and in the evening games and various activities. We are also going to minister to pastors and wives and bless them with a monetary gift. In addition, we are going to distribute clothing, textbooks to some poor children in Carrefour. We are going to provide food supplies to the food pantry for the widows. We need to raise at least $8,000 to 10,000 to accomplish our goal this year. Please prayefully consider contributing to this worthy cause. God has been faithful to Love and Hope for the last 8 years. We are beliving God for the necessary funds and a better missions trip than previous years. We hope to hear from you soon. All donation are tax deductable and please make your checks payable to Love and Hope Ministries.

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