2015 Missions Trip to India


Greeting to you from Love and Hope Ministries!

Jabez is taking a team to India in four weeks from December 10 thru 23. We are raising funds for this trip. We still need to raise $10,000 dollars for the entire trip. Our goal is to give out 250 Indian outfits to children in the children home, pastors, widows, the elderly and HIV/AIDS victims. In addition, we would like to bless pastors and School teachers with monetary gifts, conduct Gospel meetings in various villages and also a pastors’ seminar in Jabez’s hometown. Please prayerfully consider contributing towards this trip. Thank you for partnering with us in the Lord’s harvest and expanding His Kingdom.

December 2014 Trip to India

India children smiling mission missions trip Love and Hope Ministries
Dear Partners/friends,

This is an exciting time for Love and Hope Ministries as we are praying and preparing for our next mission trip to India in December.

We are planning to give 250 outfits to pastors, the children, widows, the elderly and HIV/AIDS victims. We will be conducting a Pastors’ seminar, Gospel meetings in Eluru, and various Indian villages. In addition, we will bless pastors, Love and Hope school teachers and children’s home staff with Christmas bonus. We will also host a Christmas dinner for the children of Love and Hope Children’s home and the staff of Love and Hope School.

We are in need of at least $10,000. We need your financial help to make this trip a reality. You may make a donation online via PayPal:

100 Indian Saris and blankets for widows and the elderly= $15 per sari and blanket
50 Indian outfits and blankets for widowers and the elderly men= $15 per sari and blanket
40 Indian outfits and blankets for HIV/AIDS victims = $15 per outfit and blanket
30 Indian outfits and blankets for children and pastors =$15 per outfit and blanket
30 Indian outfits for Pastors = $15 per outfit (pant and shirt) = $15 per outfit
5 Bicycles for Pastors =$100 per bike
Pastor’s Seminar = $500
Monetary gifts for Pastors = $700
Gospel meetings in Eluru = $1,000
5 Gospel meetings in various villages: $300 per meeting
Christmas dinner for Children home and Love and Hope School Staff: $500
Monetary Gifts for Love and Hope School teacher, Children home staff: $750
Groceries for HIV/AIDS victims: $750

All donations are tax-deductible. Thank you once again for your partnership in God’s harvest.

Jabez and Gloria Rapaka
Your Missionaries to India and Haiti

Upcoming India Trip

Greetings to you from Love and Hope Ministries!

We had a successful mission trip to Haiti this year. Thanks a million for encouraging,
praying and supporting the work of God. As the Lord admonishes us, let us not be weary in
well doing and let us continue to bring the good news to the ends of the earth. One more
time, we want you to help us bring love and hope to the people of India.

Our trip is from December 4 to 19, 2013. We want to bless the children, pastors, widows,
and HIV/AIDS victims with clothing. This year our goal is to distribute at least 300
outfits. In addition, we want to bless pastors and teachers of Love and Hope School with
monetary gifts for Christmas. We will have a Christmas banquet for the orphans in the
children’s home and the school teachers. Also the gospel will be preached in many
villages, and a pastors’ seminar will be conducted. If funds become available, we plan
to bless some pastors with new bicycles so they can reach more people with the gospel.

We have to raise at least $10,000 dollars including Jabez’s ticket. Please prayerfully
consider donating for this trip. Your giving will be a great blessing to many children,
pastors, widows, the elderly and HIV/AIDS victims. Please pray for safe travel, God’s
provision, and the success of the trip.

If you want to be a part of this trip, it’s not too late. Please contact us ASAP. We
appreciate your investment for the advancement of God’s Kingdom and furtherance of the

Dr. Jabez and Mrs. Gloria Rapaka
Your Missionaries to India and Haiti

India Mission Trip Highlights

Dear Friends and Partners,

We wish you and your families a blessed and prosperous New Year! Jabez got back from his recent missions trip to India. He had had a wonderful time in the missions field.

The following are the highlights:

• 30 people accepted Christ and most of them were Hindus.
• Gospel and Healing crusades were conducted in 4 different Indian villages.
• A Pastors’ seminar and a Gospel crusade were also conducted in my hometown.
• He dedicated a Church Building which one of our Love and Hope Pastors recently constructed for the glory of God.
• 225 pastors, children, widows, the elderly and HIV victims received clothing/Indian outfits for Christmas.
• 20 pastors received monetary gifts for Christmas in additions to clothing.
• 20 teachers and children home staff received Christmas gifts and also monetary gifts.
• He gave a nice Christmas banquet for Children home children and school teachers.

We sincerely thank all of you who donated money and other items and made this year’s trip a successful one. God be the glory and great things He has done!

Please continue to pray for the ministry and also sow into this work as God leads you.

Jabez and Gloria Rapaka
Your Missionaries to India and Haiti

Some pictures from the trip:

gospel crusade tent india love and hope ministries

jabez rapaka preaching india love and hope ministries

pastors gifts india love and hope ministries

children christmas gifts india love and hope ministries

December Missions Trip to India

children India missions trip christmas giftsGreetings to you from Love and Hope Ministries!

We are taking a missions trip to India in 4 weeks from December 7 to 24, 2012. We still need to raise at least between $6,000 -$8,000 to underwrite all the things that we would like to do this year in India. Please prayerfully consider contributing to this worthy cause. You can donate $5, $10, $25, $50, $100 or even a bigger amount. No amount is too big and no amount is so small. Any amount can make a difference.

India missions trip christmas gifts food groceries hiv aids ministryWe are going to bless children, pastors, HIV/AIDS victims, the widows and the elderly with clothing. Love and Hope’s Pastors, school teachers, and Children’s home children are going receive Christmas gifts. We will host a pastors’ seminar for Love and Hope pastors in Eluru and also conduct Gospel and Healing meetings in 4 or 5 villages as the funds become available. We need your prayers as well as financial help.

Dr. Jabez and Mrs. Gloria Rapaka
Your missionaries to India and Haiti

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